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Beach Bunny conquered early obstacles through their commitment to the grind. 3 shows a weekend, been there. 12-hour studio sessions, done that. They don’t let up because they love what they do and their hustle has taken them to new heights. They released their debut album in 2020, earning spots on Both NY Times and Rolling Stone’s “Best Albums of 2020” lists

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They weren’t complacent and went right back to the studio, releasing a brand new EP in January of 2021 to more critical acclaim. On the heels of their success and a global return to in-person events, they started a tour in November 2021 with spot dates booked until June 2022 around the globe. The group started in a bedroom, replaced a band member in 2019, and survived a global pandemic only to come out stronger and crush every obstacle that comes their way.

Their passion for music brought them this far and the most important thing that we learned Behind the Spotlight is to just keep hustling.